What is The F Post?

The F Post is a weekly digest of the best posts for women working towards financial wellbeing, worklife balance and career success.

It was set up by Journalist Amanda Geary PhD, an expert in women’s experiences of equality in the workplace, to provide a one-stop-shop to share the most useful must-read guidance on financial wellness all succinctly curated in the one place.

What can I expect?

The F Post curates a range of information including interesting articles, podcasts and soundbites.

Each week we strive to provide you with:

  • Quality, curated, jargon-free financial information and guidance

  • Current information about events and development that impact your wallet

  • Information that serves to level the playing field for women when it comes to working towards financial wellness, building confidence and success

  • An inspiring, support community of women who hold the ladder out for others.

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Amanda who..?

Amanda Geary is a Journalist, Academic and Writer. With more than two decades experience of working in the media, as well as teaching others to upskill, she is passionate about using digital media for content creation, championing others, and writing informative pieces of journalism.

Amanda also has a PhD in women's experiences of equality at work based on lived experience and is particularly interested in how women can carve their own path in life, while juggling many other demands!

How can I contact Amanda? 

You can email her at hello@amandageary.com or find her on Twitter @AmandaCGeary Instagram @AmandaCGeary or on Facebook.

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